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An Isengard Warg Rider from the 2nd LOTR film

The Warg Riders are wargs (wolf-like creatures)  mounted by Orc warriors. They serve as the cavaltry units for the Forces of Isengard. They are strong, moreso than Rohan Riders, but also slower and more expansive. Warg Riders should not be relied on too heavily, as they can bankrupt a faction without many Slaughterhouses, whic decreases their cost. Isengard Cavalry should be used in complex armies and as scouts, not the core of a military force. They simply have too many weaknesses (Ranged attacks, Rohan Riders with upgrades, Base Defences)

Battle for Middle-EarthEdit

Units of 5 Warg Riders each.

Requirements (BFME) Edit

Trained from: Warg Pit

Cost: 700

Command Points Taken: 15

Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Edit

Units of more than 6 each.

Requirements Edit

Trained From: Warg Pit

Cost: 500

Command Points Taken: 60

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