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Treebeard is an Ent-hero available to Rohan in BFME 1, and to the Elves in BFME 2. In both games, he must be summoned from the Ent Moot, instead of from a fortress.

Unlike normal Fortress-heroes, Treebeard starts out at max-level (level 10), and like his other fellow Ents hurls great boulders at enemies.

Lore Edit

When Merry and Pippin escaped from their Uruk-hai captors they fled into the cover of the nearby Fangorn Forest. They quickly became lost in the woods and stumbled across a frightening creature in the form of a tall tree that vaguely resembled an old man. He introduced himself as Treebeard, and took the Hobbits into his care. The Hobbits attempted to enlist Treebeard's aid in the War of the Ring, however, the Ents are not easily stirred into action. It was not until Treebeard discovered that his neighbor Saruman had betrayed him by chopping down his forest that Treebeard was able to muster the might of his fellow Ents. By the time the Ents were finished with their march they had torn down the walls of Isengard and captured Orthanc, trapping Saruman inside.

Requirements Edit

Recruited from: Ent Moot


Command Points taken:  

Rohan Banner test Forces of Rohan (BFME 1 Only) Rohan Banner test

Elven Banner test Elves (BFME 2 and RotWK only) Elven Banner test

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