Theoden in the New Line Films

The second-to-last known king of Rohan, Theoden is a hero who can use his Glorious Charge ability to give all nearby cavalry a buff that decreases all damage received to 10%. He is valuable for his early leadership, but, although solid against infantry, lacks power against archers.

King Theoden is a hero of the Rohan faction in The Battle for Middle-earth, and for the Men of the West in The Battle for Middle-earth II.


Theoden was the seventeenth king of Rohan, land of the Horse Lords. Born in Gondor, Theoden lived there with his family until his father, Thengel, became King of Rohan. After taking his father's crown, Theoden began to become increasingly withdrawn and followed the advice of Grima Wormtongue, councilor to the king and spy for Saruman. Theoden began to unnaturally age and his mind soon became warped and twisted with the soft words spoken by Wormtongue. Aid soon came when Gandalf the White and the remaining members of the Fellowship arrived in Rohan seeking help. Freed by Gandalf from the spells of Saruman, Theoden now fights to eradicate any trace of the wizard and his master's influence from the land.


In The Battle for Middle-earth, Theoden has 900 health-points and deals 50 damage. His starting ability is his Leadership, and his other abilities are the same as in the sequel.

He costs 1200 resources in Skirmish games.



Recruited from: Men of the West Fortress

Resource cost: 1100


  • Mount/Dismount - Theoden mounts or dismounts from his faithful horse, Snowmane.
  • Leadership - Inspiring his men, Theoden gives all nearby friendly units a +50% damage and armor increase and doubles their experience gain rate. (Passive ability)
  • Glorious Charge - Theoden leads his fellow Rohirrim in a thunderous charge, which reduces all damage taken to 10%.
  • King's Favor - Theoden gives his blessings to a select group of men, who gain +50 experience. Recharge time of 120 seconds.

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