The Evil Campaign features an alternate version of J.R.R. Tolkien's telling of The War in the North.

The Goblin army

Battle for Middle-Earth 2 MissionsEdit

Lorien, Gray Havens, and The ShireEdit

The Dark Lord has sent The Mouth of Sauron and the Nazguls to the far North to tame and rally the Goblins. The lieutenants lead the newly formed army to Lorien, an Elven forest realm. Celeborn is killed, and Galadriel is forced to flee to Rivendell. The Mouth gazes into the Mirror of Galadriel to decide upon his next attack.


The Mouth of Sauron as presented in the game.

The second group of Goblins controlled by the player, and led by Gorkil, attack the Gray Havens by both land and sea. The port is destroyed, ransacked, and captured as the war for Eriador begins.

The Hobbits inhabiting the Shire are chosen by The Goblin King as the next victim. The Hobbits are easily crushed, but another threat arises. Grima Wormtongue and a large, well-trained army of Uruk-hai arrive to claim the land for Isengard. The Goblins manage to fend off the Uruk-hai, and kill Wormtongue.

The shire

The Shire under attack.

Fornost, Mirkwood, Dale (Erebor), and RivendellEdit

Gorkil the Goblin King continues his expedition West into Fornost, the ruins of the capitol of Arnor. The defenders (Dunedain Rangers and Gloin's army) are annihilated by the sheer numbers of the Goblin forces, and Eriador is now under Goblin command.

The Orcs from Dol Guldur eliminate the Elves and the Ents that guard the Forest Road in Mirkwood, defeating the Elven lord Thranduil. After the fall of Mirkwood, The Mouth of Sauron leads his horde to Withered Heath in hope of recruiting Drogoth the Dragon Lord


Drogoth the Dragon Lord in-game.

In order for Sauron to be clean of the Dwarves, The Mouth of Sauron attacks the Human city of Dale and King Dain's stronghold in Erebor. The two cities fall to the Dark Lord, and the final battle awaits.


The Evil Campaign map.

Both Gorkil and Sauron's forces meet at Rivendell to slay Galadriel and the last surviving Elves. At this point, Sauron has achieved full power through the One Ring and gathered all of his forces. The combined armies are a devasting blow, and the remaining Good forces are gone from the North.


Sauron shown fighting Elven cavalry in Rivendell.

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