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A Sorcerer is a spell-casting unit that is available to the Angmar faction in The Rise of the Witch-king.

He travels with a band of 8 Acolytes, and casts many spells. Every time he does so, one of the Acolytes is "consumed", but they regenerate over time.

Sorcerers are summoned from the Temple of Twilight.
Temple of Twilight

Sorcerer bands around the Temple of Twilight

Unit Spells Edit

  • Black Ice - slows the enemy
  • Fell Strength - augments friendlies
  • Soul Freeze - freezes an enemy
  • Well of Souls - damages units, turning any it kills into wights
  • Corpse - causes a rain a downpour of exploding cadavers on the selected area

Witch King of Angmar Forces of Angmar ThrallMaster

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