Sharku is a hero unit for Isengard. He is an orc captain who rides a warg, and is the leader of the warg-riders. Sharku exists only in BFME II & its expansion pack, RotWK.

Sharku on warg

Riding his warg

Biography == Sharku means "Old Man" in the Black Speech and, as such, Sharku is said to be a veteran of the Wars with Goblins, thousands of years before his service to Isengard. This would mean that Sharku is likely a Goblin of the same breed that conquered Moria, the Orcs of the Misty Mountains. Sharku leads the Riders if Isengard against the fleeing citizens of Edoras, but his forces are intercepted by Rohirrim Cavalry. A fight insues, where Aragorn is supposedly slain (though he lives, and fights at the Hornburg), Hama is killed, and Sharku perishes at the end.

Abilities Edit

  • Tame the beast - Sharku controls any wargs or warg riders within his reach for 30 seconds
  • Blood Hunt - Nearby warg units gain a leadership boost and a +50% boost to armor and damage.
  • Man Eater - Sharku's warg eats an enemy in an infantry battalion; Sharku's health is restored, and gains for 20 seconds +50% armor and damage.


Cost: 1200

Command Points taken: 25


Sharku in the New Line Films


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