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Saruman the White (Third Age c. 1000 – 3019, existed in Middle-earth for 2019 years) was the first of the order of Wizards (Istari) who came to Middle-earth as Emissaries of the Valar in the Third Age. He is the most costly hero of the Isengard faction. In the game he uses his special Wizard-powers, which include a Lightning Strike.

Origins Edit

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War of the Ring Edit

During the later Third Age in an attempt to control Rohan, Saruman bought the allegiance of King Théoden's chief advisor, Gríma Wormtongue, who then counselled the ailing king to do nothing about the steady resurgence of Sauron's armies. Saruman and Wormtongue's treachery would have crippled Rohan's military might, had not Gandalf interfered a year later and revealed to Théoden his right-hand man's true designs, healing the old king and revitalizing his political and military rule.

Saruman did not reveal his true intentions until Gandalf presented him with the discovery and location of the One Ring. He then revealed his contact with Sauron and belief that they must join the Dark Lord or fail. Saruman then stood forth as Saruman of Many Colours, and when Gandalf refused to join with him, he held him captive in Isengard. Gandalf later escaped, and so Saruman's treachery became known to the rest of the White Council when Gandalf reported it during the subsequent Council of Elrond.

Saruman soon also betrayed his new master Sauron by lying to the Witch-king when he arrived at Isengard. Sauron had sent the Nazgûl searching for Baggins, who had found the One Ring years before, and the Shire, his home. Saruman pretended to know nothing about the Shire, but the Nazgûl later captured one of his Shire spies. Caught now between both sides as a known traitor to both, Saruman put all efforts into obtaining the One Ring for himself.

Saruman implemented a strategy of attacking Rohan, endeavouring to kill the King's son Théodred, sending spies to waylay Frodo Baggins on his flight from the Shire, and dispatching raiding parties on likely routes a company of the Ring might take to Gondor. Ironically, one of these parties captured Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck and transported them to in time to mobilize the Ents. Gandalf also suspected Saruman had found (and destroyed) the remains of Isildur, who had worn the Ring before it had been lost.

Saruman's Shire network failed to capture Frodo Baggins, Gandalf rallied Rohan to victory, Éomer stopped his only partially successful raiding party, and control of Isengard was lost to the Ents. Aware he was utterly defeated, Saruman briefly considered repenting for his deeds, but at the last moment could not go through with it. He must have still had some hope he could somehow escape, and even that infinitely small chance was better than his certain humiliation at the hands of those he had tried to destroy. Saruman still made a final attempt to woo Théoden and Gandalf to his cause but failed: his staff was broken and he was dismissed from the order of the Istari.

It must have been during Gandalf's captivity in Orthanc that Saruman began to build his army of Orcs, Dunlendings, and Uruk-hai, since Gandalf came to an as yet undestroyed Isengard. One can speculate that if matters had developed a little more slowly, his puppet Wormtongue would have gained full control over Rohan, and the Rohirrim would have been enslaved or destroyed.

Saruman's plans likely failed because he, like Sauron, was forced to reveal his hand early by Gandalf's subsequent escape, and therefore he had little time to perfect his plans. As Saruman considered himself "unfallen", he honestly believed he had a chance of converting Gandalf to his side, and felt honestly betrayed by Gandalf when he was refused. The failure to capture the Ring at Emyn Arnen further ruined Saruman's plans, as he was revealed as a traitor to Mordor now as well.

Left out of the final stages of the War of the Ring, he eventually managed to convince his captors, the Ents, into letting him leave Isengard, proving that the magic of his voice still remained. He then went to the Shire, which his agent Lotho Sackville-Baggins (undisturbed by events elsewhere) had brought under control. Spending his final days as a small-time thug lord in Hobbiton known as Sharkey, he was eventually betrayed and killed by his own servant Wormtongue on November 3, T.A. 3019, when even this operation fell apart after Frodo and Samwise Gamgee returned.

Saruman, as a Maia, did not truly die, but his spirit lost its shape (much like Sauron's after the Downfall of Númenor and after his defeat by the Last Alliance). As a discorporated spirit, he should have been called to Mandos, but the tale implies that he was barred from returning. We may speculate that his spirit was left naked, powerless and wandering in Middle-earth (perhaps like Sauron's after the One Ring was destroyed).

The Battle for Middle-earth Edit

He starts off with the standard power of wizard blast which can destroy an entire battlion of infantry (Without armor upgrades) His second ability is a fireball, very usefull for blasting away heros that threaten Saruman. His third power is a kind of Coerce called "Wormtounge" this ability allows Saruman to gain control of units with the power of his voice (Note: This power is temporary the units will return to their orginal faction after a minute or so.) His next power is Speechcraft this allows friendly units to gain a slight boost experiance equaling 3 ranks.. His final power is Lighting Blast,exclusive to BFME II in which Saruman calls down a powerful lighting strike that can decimate infintry. 

Advantages Edit

Saruman is a powerful hero who specializes in the destuction of the backbone troops of any faction and when paired with "Wormtounge" can convert units over to his side for a time, long enough for them to weaken the other units on their former side. His lighting blast is extremely useful in large groups leaving nothing more than dead infintry and fire. His Wizard Blast can dismantle a very small army. His Fireball attack destroys regular troops in one hit, and greatly damages enemy heroes. His Speechcraft ability adds 3 ranks to his own soldiers.

Disadvantages Edit

Saruman being the most powerful unit for Isengard is also the most expensive, costing a large sum of 5000 gold. While having greater active powers, Saruman can not compare to Gandalf in terms of raw strength. His health is not notable (1100) and his attacks are slow but can cause knock-back. When using Saruman, it is ideal to send him into battle with a band of Uruk-hai or Wildmen to cover him in the case of his injury. Lurtz can also be used in this role.

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