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The Rohirrim serve as the primary cavalry of the forces of Rohan in The Battle for Middle-earth - however, they become a part of the Men of the West faction in The Battle for Middle-earth II. They are trained at the Stables in both cases. 

In BFME 2, they are the only cavalry unit in the able to switch weapons: They can switch between spears and bows, and may receive upgrades for both.


Some Rohirrim attacking Orcs in BFME

Requirements in BFME Edit

In this game they are named Rohirrim Warriors. At rank 1, they comprise only five horsemen per unit.

Recruited from: Stable

Cost: 600 (480 with Farm bonus)

Command Points taken: 20

Battle for Middle-earth II Edit

In this game, with the Rohan faction removed, Rohirrim are recruited from a Level 2 Stables, and are the elite cavalry of the Men of the West faction.

Recruited from: Stables


Command Points taken:

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