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The Rohirrim serve as the primary cavalry of the forces of Rohan in the first game, however, they become a part of the Men of the West faction in BFME 2. They are trained at the Stables. 

They are the one cavalry unit in the game-series able to switch weapons: They switch between spears and bows.


some Rohirrim attacking Orcs in BFME1

== Battle for Middle-earth

Requirements (BFME) Edit

Recruited from: Stable


Command Points Taken:

Battle for Middle-earth 2 Edit

In this game, with the Rohan faction not included, Rohirrim are recruited from the Stables, at level 2, of the Men of the West faction as an elite cavalry.

Requirements (BFME2) Edit

Recruited from: Stables


Command Points Taken:

Rohan Banner test Forces of Rohan (BFME 1 Only) Rohan Banner test

AragornMen of the West (BFME 2 only) Gondor Soldier icon BFME2

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