Pippin in the New Line Films

 Pippin is a hero of Gondor only in The Battle for Middle-earth, and is the cheapest. He is useful for scouting and aiding the soldiers of his faction in the early skirmish game, where he levels quickly and can become quite powerful. He also is a member of the Fellowship of the Ring, thus playing a central role in the Campaign. (He appears in the missions at Moria, Lothlorien, Isengard, and Minas Tirith.)

In The Battle for Middle-earth II, Pippin can only be summoned by Good Factions with the Summon Hobbit Allies power - alongside Frodo, Merry, and Sam - which is temporary.


  • Throw Rocks - Toggles between an inaccurate ranged attack, with rocks, and attacking with his Elven dagger
  • Elven Cloak - Pippin may turn invisible when standing still.

Requirements and Stats in BFME 1Edit

Recruited from: Gondor Citadel

Pippin appears in this game with 200 health-points, 30 melee damage, and 40 ranged damage.

Stats in BFME 2 Edit

When summoned, Pippin has 700 health-points. His damage stats are the same as above.

Gondor Knight shield BFME Forces of Gondor (BFME 1 only) Gondor Knight shield BFME

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