The Orc Laborer is a working unit for Isengard, Mordor, and even the Goblins, who works at a Lumber Mill. Whenever a Lumber Mill is fully built, four Orc laborers commence cutting down nearby trees. Additional laborers can also be fetched, from any mill, at a very low cost, and only these laborers will take up Command Points.

Behavior Edit

Whenever selected, Orc Laborers utter the same lines as Orc Builders, unless ordered to chop down a certain tree. Laborers by default will hack at standing trees on the map until it is felled, and then carry a small log back to the Mill they originated at, in exchange for resources that the faction gains. Because Orcs are known for their innate lack of care for living things, and their pleasure of owning bladed objects, even Laborers are able to attack enemies if directed by the player, though to do very little damage. They will never acquire enemies on their own. Since they are individual, they also do not possess unit-stances.


Requirements Edit

Recruited from: Lumber Mill

Cost (for additional Laborers): 20

Command Points taken (for additional Laborers): 5

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