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The Mouth of Sauron was the lieutenant of Barad-dur, the Dark Tower, and is a hero of the Mordor faction who rides on a horse. He appears quite frequently in the Evil Campaign of The Battle for Middle-earth II as a leader of the many goblin assaults.

Requirements Edit

Recruited from: Mordor Fortress

Cost: 1500

Command Points taaken: 50


Mount/Dismount - Mount or dismount his horse Level 1 M Instant 2 seconds
Evil Eye - Shoots a bolt of fire from the eye in his helmet Level 3 Y Instant 90 seconds
Doubt - Demoralizes targeted enemy units for 30 seconds and cancels their leadership bonuses Level 4 T 30 seconds 60 seconds
Dissent - All targeted units become hostile to all other units Level 4 I 45 seconds 3m20s

Behind the scenesEdit

The Mouth of Sauron was voiced in the game by Roger Jackson.

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