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Mountain Giants heft large boulders across the battlefield to crush enemy battalions, and they are the largest monster of the Goblin army in The Battle for Middle-earth II.


Apart from being trained, these beasts can also be used to automatically defend Goblin Fortresses, in a Giant Sentry Expansion.

Lore Edit

The Mountain Giants of the Misty Mountains are by far the largest creatures to walk Middle-earth, surpassing even the Ents in size and strength. They are rarely seen, however, and not many recorded sightings exist. The most memorable sighting occurred during the passage of the hobbit Bilbo Baggins and the company of Dwarves on their trek to Erebor. The party was kept awake at night due to these Giants, who tossed boulders at each other throughout the night.

Now, a handful of them have joined Sauron under the promise of more "interesting" enemies to throw their boulders at. Woe be unto those caught under a Giant when it falls, as it is heavy enough to kill a troll by accident.

Requirements & Stats Edit

Recruited from: Level 3 Fissure

Cost: 1300

Command Points taken: 75

Health-points: 4000

Melee damage: 600

Boulder damage: 600

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