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The Men of Dale are allies who serve as elite archers for the Dwarven faction.

Lore Edit

Humans have lived in the lands south of Erebor for many generations. One of their most successful settlements is Dale, which lies just before the gates of the Mountain Hall of Erebor. The fate of Dale has always been linked to that of Erebor—if one is besieged so, too, is the other. For this reason, the Men of Dale and the Dwarves of Erebor have forged a strong and lasting bond. The Men of Dale have lived and hunted in and around the unforgiving Mirkwood for ages, which accounts for their expertise with the hunting bow. Many legends tell of these brave men using their bows to smite enemies greater than themselves.

Requirements Edit

Recruited from: Archery Range at level 2

Cost: 500

Command points taken: 72

Dwarv axe thrower Dwarves (BFME 2 and RotWK only) Dwarv axe thrower