Lorien Warriors

The Lorien Warriors serve as the basic soldiers for the Elven Faction.

Lore Edit

Lothlorien lies near the heart of Middle-earth, far north of Fangorn Forest. Its borders were constantly threatened by Goblins and Orcs of Dol Guldur. Lorien Warriors maintain a constant watch on the rivers that enfold their sacred wood. When The Fellowship fled Moria and sought protection in Lothlorien, it was the Lorien Warriors who ambushed the horde of Goblins that followed them out. They are typical of Elven soldiers throughout Middle-earth. Some of their numbers were even present back at The Battle of the Last Alliance, where Isildur cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand and the Elven-king Gil-galad was slain.


Recruited from: Elven Barracks

Cost: 300

Command Points taken: 60

Quotes Edit

(When selected) Edit

"We must protect the woods"


(When ordered to move)

"Like the wind"

"Elves over here"

(When ordered to attack)

"There they are!"


"The enemy"

Elven Banner test Elves (BFME 2 and RotWK only) Elven Banner test

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