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Legolas is the most famed wood-elf hero of the Elves. In The Battle for Middle-earth, he appears as a non-affiliated hero who joins the Fellowship. In The Battle for Middle-earth II, he serves as a hero for the Elven race.

Lore Edit

The powerful archer Legolas was a member of The Fellowship of the Ring, and the son of Thranduil the Elven-king. Time and again his skill with bow and arrow proved vital to their survival during their odyssey towards Mordor, His excellent sight and tireless nature served to help Aragorn track Merry and Pippin as the Uruk-hai carried them to Isengard. As Prince of Mirkwood, he had no initial love for Dwarves, but many months in the company of Gimli turned Legolas from any enmity. By the end of the Third Age, Gimli and Legolas were lifetime friends, and eventually it was Legolas who brought Gimli across the sea to the west.

Abilities Edit

  • Hawk-strike - Legolas brings a rapid but short double-arrow attack on a selected enemy, with (in appearance) Silverthorn arrows.
  • Knife fighter (at Level 2) - Legolas wields his two Elven hunting-knives, and also gains a temporary increase in armor by 20%, because of his superior agility.
  • Train Archers (at Level 4) - Target allied archers gain a boost to leveling up.
  • Arrow wind (at level 7) - Legolas launches a continuous volley of arrows upon a small selected area, echoing his characteristic from the movies of never running out of arrows. This action can be stopped at any time by the player.

Legolas in the New Line Film-trilogy

Requirements & Stats (BFME 1) Edit

Recruited from: Rohan Citadel

Cost: 3000 

Health-points: 1000 

Requirements & Stats (BFME2) Edit

Recruited from: Elven Fortress

Cost: 300

Command Points taken: 75

Health-points: 2500

Behind the scenes Edit

In the games, Legolas was not voiced by Orlando Bloom, but by Steven Stanton.

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