Gondor Knights BFME2 icon
The Gondor Archers serve as the primary cavalry in the forces of Gondor in the first game and are summoned in the Barracks structure. In the game's sequel, they now become a part of the Men of the West faction, but as a basic cavalry units while Rohirrim takes a role as and elite cavalry units.

Battle for Middle-Earth Edit

Requirements (BFME) Edit

Built from: Stables (Gondor)

Cost: 800

Command Points Taken: 20

Effect of Farm Edit

Building Farm (Gondor) can reduce the cost of knights.

2 farms: 720

3 farms: 680

4 farms: 640

5 farms: 600

6+ farms: 560

Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Edit

Requirements (BFME2) Edit

Built From: Stables (Men)

Cost: 550

Command Points Taken: 60

Gondor Knight shield BFME Forces of Gondor (BFME 1 only) Gondor Knight shield BFME

AragornMen of the West (BFME 2 only) Gondor Soldier icon BFME2

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