Karsh is a former Dunedain ranger (Carthaen by name) who was corrupted by Morgomir and Angmar's sorcerers, becoming an evil Wraith, who now works for the forces of Angmar.

Like Wights, and unlike the Nazgul, Karsh floats on the battlefield.


As an uncorrupted Man

Captain Carthaen's soul became corrupted by Morgomir and the Sorcerers of Angmar

Captain Carthaen's soul becoming corrupted

Lore Edit

See Karsh at One Wiki to Rule Them All.

Requirements Edit

Recruited from: Angmar Fortress

Cost: 1500 

Command Points taken: 50 

Abilites Edit

  • Chill Soul - All nearby enemies suffer -50% speed and take slight damage over time; Passive ability
  • Blink - Karsh can teleport to a selected area; Create-a-Hero Wizards in the game are able to have this power as well
  • Whisper of Death (at level 10) -  Karsh inflicts massive damage on a non-undead unit

Witch King of Angmar Forces of Angmar ThrallMaster

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