Inns are naturally built structures appearing on certain maps in BFME 2 and on that, when captured, provide units of allied infantry. Depending on the faction capturing an Inn, these allies differ.

At The Shire, the Green Dragon Inn itself is capturable, and serves this purpose.


Allies by Faction Edit

For Men of the West Edit

For Elves Edit

For Dwarves Edit

For Isengard Edit

For Mordor Edit

For Goblins Edit

  • Corsairs of Umbar - cost: 200

For Angmar (RotWK only) Edit

Voice effect Edit

Whenever an Inn is clicked on, whether captured or not, the line "There's talk of strange folk abroad...." is heard. This was a quote from the gatekeeper at Bree in the Fellowship of the Ring film, referring to the recent sightings of the Black Riders.

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