Hwaldar is an Angmar Faction hero; and the only one who is fully human.

Lore Edit

A Rhudaur hillchief secretly in league with the Witch-king, Hwaldar paves the way for Angmar's invasion but must escape from the clutches of the loyal Rhudaur hillmen to complete his treachery.


Requirements Edit

Recruited from: Angmar Fortress

Cost: 1200 

Command Points Taken: 50 

Abilities Edit

  • Hillmen Leadership - Rhudaur Axe Throwers and Spearmen near the hero gain +20% damage and +20% armor; Passive ability.
  • Brigandage - nearby Rhudaur troops (in Thrall master units) will plunder resources on kills; Passive ability.
  • Summon Hillmen - Hwaldar summons hordes of Hillmen to fight on your side.

Witch King of Angmar Forces of Angmar ThrallMaster

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