The Haradrim Archers are the elite ranged unit for Mordor in The Battle for Middle-earth II.


Haradrim, also called in Westron the Southrons, were the race of Men from Harad in the region of Middle-earth directly south of Gondor. Before that, during the First Age, the Atani from whom the Haradrim descended were known as Black Men. A part of the histories of the Westlands is given to the fierce people who in the Second and the Third Age of the Sun, came from the hot deserts and forests of sun-lands, which lay in the South of Middle-earth. These people were ruled by many and lords, until in time Sauron the Maia corrupted them and called them to war.


Recruited from: Haradrim Palace at Level 2 (In RotWK, at Level 3)

Cost: 425

Command Points taken: 72

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