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Haldir is a hero of the Elves whose weapons are a sword and a bow.

Lore Edit

When The Fellowship reached the borders of Lórien they were met by Haldir, Captain of the Lorien Guardians. At first Haldir denied The Fellowship entry, but eventually Aragorn was able to convince him to grant his company an audience with Lady Galadriel. Haldir lead the defense against the Goblins which spilled out of the mines of Moria in pursuit of The Fellowship.


  • Toggle Weapon - Haldir switches between his bow and sword.
  • Leadership (at Level 4) - Nearby allies gain 50% more damage and armor, and gain experience twice as quickly.
  • Golden Arrow (at Level 9) - Haldir with a ranged attack stuns a selected individual foe, causing great damage.

Requirements  Edit

Recruited from: Elven Fortress 

Cost: 1100 

Command Points taken: 50 

Behind the scenes Edit

Haldir was voiced by Crispin Freeman.

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