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The Soldiers of Gondor serve as the basic infantry of the forces of Gondor in the first game and are summoned in the Barracks structure. In the game's sequel (BFME2), they now become a part of the Men of the West faction. Gondorian Infantry are strong against both warriors and archers,although they falter when faced with trolls, mumakil, or evil men, which should all be faced with archers.
Gondor Soldiers (block mode)

Battle for Middle-Earth Edit

Requirements (BFME) Edit

Built from: Barracks

Cost: 120

Command Points Taken: 10

Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Edit

Requirements (BFME2) Edit

Built From: Barracks

Cost: 200

Command Points Taken: 60

Quotes Edit

(When selected) Edit

"Soldiers of Gondor!" Edit

"Stand fast men" Edit

"Soldiers" Edit

"Swords" Edit

(When ordered to move) Edit

"Go" Edit

"Come on soldier move it" Edit

(When ordered to attack) Edit

"Draw your swords" Edit

"The enemy!" Edit

(When ordered back to base) Edit

"We're going home men" Edit

=== "Back to the camp"


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