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The Gondor Citadel is a structure for forces of Gondor in The Battle for Middle-earth that is capable of producing heroes, and stands tall at the center of the faction's encampment.

Health-points: 4000

If the Citadel is destroyed, the player may not build any other structures until it is repaired or rebuilt.

Recruited heroes Edit

  • Gandalf (G): Recruit a wizard armed with mighty magical power. 10 command points, rank 5, cost 6000.
  • Boromir (B): Recruit one of the greatest Captains of Gondor. Rank 3, cost 1600.
  • Faramir (F): Recruit a fighter skilled with bow and sword. Rank 3, cost 1200.
  • Pippin (P): Recruit a loyal hobbit to fight for your cause. Rank 1, cost 100.
  • Self Repair (R): Allow the citadel repairs itself automatically.

Gondor Knight shield BFME Forces of Gondor (BFME 1 only) Gondor Knight shield BFME

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