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Gandalf from BFME2

The white

Gandalf the Grey is a hero for the Men of the West faction (or for Gondor in BFME 1).

Lore Edit

Gandalf the Grey/White (Olorin) was one of the 5 Istari (Wizards), the others being Saruman the White, Radagast the Brown and two un-named blue Wizards. Following his defeat of the Balrog, as well as Saruman denouncing the Istari and claiming the title of Saruman of Many Colours for himself, Gandalf attained the rank of white and became Saruman "as he should have been". Gandalf was one of the Maia (Spirits) and therefore ageless however he existed as Gandalf from the beginning of Middle Earth, before the age of Lamps and is approximately 2019 years old. He was instrumental in the unmasking Sauron hiding as a Necromancer in Dol Guldur in the early Third Age as well as his exploits with the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins. Gandalf was also very influential during the War of the Ring, advising and influencing in the plan to destroy the one ring. Although not powerful enough to engage Sauron by himself Gandalf was one of the hero's instrumental in his final defeat. Gandalf was also the bearer of the Elvish ring of power, Narya. Gandalf left with Frodo Baggins and Galadriel for the Undying Lands following the War of the Ring

Stats Edit

Resource Cost: 5000
Health: 4300
In BFME 1, Gandalf has 1200 health and 100 damage at Rank 1, and 1500 health and 140 damage when hired in Skirmish at Rank 5. His health rises to 1400 (Rank 1) and 1700 (Rank 5)  when the power "Power of the Istari" is puchased. All powers remain the same. He is a major character in the campaign, engaging in all the major battles of the War. Gandalf costs 6000 resources in the Skirmish games.

Gandalf the Grey

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gandalf's Levels and Powers
Power Required Level Shortcut Duration Recharge
Wizard Blast - Blasts selected enemies into the air, unless they are a Mumak 1 W Instant 45 seconds
Lightning Sword - A lightning attack which does 160 points of damage to targets 2 T Instant 240 seconds
Mount/Dismount - Gandalf gets on/off of his steed, Shadowfax 4 M Instant 2 seconds
Istari Light - A single attack which does 2000 points of damage 7 I Instant 180 seconds
Word of Power - Sends a shockwave in all directions which kills nearby enemie 10 R Instant 360 seconds

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