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Fire Drakes are elite units of the Goblin faction who appear as young, wingless dragons. They inflict fire damage, and are both summonable by Gorkil the Goblin King when he reaches level 10, and by the player via the Dragon's Nest expansion of the Goblin fortress. They can also be trained from a Fire Drake lair that has been taken control of using Untaimed Allegiance.

In The Rise of the Witch-king, a group of three small Fire Drakes also became available to the Goblin faction, known as a Fire Drake brood.

Outside of the Goblin faction, these monsters are found at Fire Drake Lairs, in places such as Mount Doom.

Requirements & Stats Edit

Recruited from: Dragon's Nest (fortress add-on)

Cost: 2000

Command Points taken: none

Health-points: 4000

Flame damage: 750

Fire drakes do a lot of damage over a wide area and can often take out an entire battalion at once. They also have the Power Inferno, which spreads flames across a wide area, damaging everything it touches. Fire drakes are especially good at killing troops.

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