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The Fell Beasts of northern Mordor are now used as flying steeds of the Nazgul, in place of their fallen horses.

Lore Edit

From birth, these creatures were raised by Sauron on foul meats and grew to become weapons of war. After their defeat at the Ford of Bruinen, the Nazgul were given the Fell Beasts as personal mounts to replace their horses. Whether scanning the lands below or swooping down upon an unsuspecting foe, these evil creatures will stop at nothing to regain the Ring.

Abilities Edit

Screech: The Nazgul releases an unearthly shriek, sending all nearby foes feleeing in terror. 10 second duration. 120 second recharge.

Requirements Edit

Summoned from: Mordor Fortress

Cost: 3000 resources, (Witch-king is 5000)

Command Points taken: 75

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