A map of Ettenmoors.

In Ettenmoors, the third Good Mission, Glorfindel and Gloin, along with Haldir and the Elven army, arrive in Ettenmoors, a former stronghold of the Witch-King of Angmar. It is now run by Gorkil the Goblin King, who rules under the iron fist of Sauron.


  • Reach the Elven settlement.
  • Drive the Goblins from the Elven settlement.
  • Free the dormant Entmoot.
  • Slay the Goblin King.
  • Destroy the Goblin King's stronghold.
  • Destroy 8 Goblin Tunnels.
  • Destroy the Mountain Troll and Mountain Giant Drum.
  • Destroy the Goblin Sentry Towers.

Items in italics are optional objectives.


In the aftermath of the battle, a Dwarf comes to Glorfindel and Gloin, speaking of a great dragon attacking their home in the Blue Mountains.

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