BFME1 Elven Archers

Elven Warriors in the New Line Films

Elven Warriors
are the elite ranged infantry affiliated with the Rohan faction in The Battle for Middle-earth. They are solid infantry, skilled with bow and sword. The player controls many units of them in the Good Campaign during the missions at Lothlorien, Helm's Deep, and Mirkwood, and faces them in the Evil Campaign missions at Isengard, Fangorn, Amon Hen, and Helm's Deep.

Lore Edit

These were the non-canonical soldiers brought to Helm's Deep under command of Haldir, where they fought alongside Rohan. Many of them died, including their leader.

Requirements (BFME 1 only) Edit

Recruited from: Rohan Archery Range

Cost: 700

Command Points Taken: 25

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