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The Dwarves are one of the factions available in BFME2, a powerful faction whose units are stronger then the other basic units but they are also slower. Their structers tend to be angular and made of stone. Their resource structure, the Mine, can also transport units. Besides the men of dale the Dwarves have axe throwers which at the cost of range have a higher base attack strength.

Faction DescriptionEdit


The dwarfs only have 3 heroes but they are 3 of the best heroes in the game.

Gimli: A headstrong dwarf proud of his strength. He helped Aragorn and Legolas guide Frodo to Mount Doom to destroy the one ring. He costs 4000 resources and is capable of increasing his power and power for a short time.

King Dáin: As the king of dwarfs, King Dain can summon additional soldiers to the fight and grant a leadership bonus to those around him. He costs 2500 resources.

Glóin: The father of Gimli, he only costs 1500 resources but is capable of shutting down enemy buildings for good without having to destroy them. He can also summon an earthquake to damage enemy structures. He is often used on enemy structures.

Prince Brand of Dale: Available in RoTWK expansion.

Dwarven UnitsEdit


  • Archery Range
  • Battle Tower
  • Forge Works
  • Fortress
  • Hall of Warriors
  • Hearth
  • Heroic Statue
  • Mine Shaft
  • Wall Hub

Dwarven Fortress ExpansionsEdit

  • Axe Tower
  • Banners
  • Defender Catapult
  • Dwarven Stonework
  • Halls
  • Masterwork Munitions
  • Mighty Catapult
  • Oil Casks
  • Siege Kegs
  • Wall Hub

Dwarv axe thrower Dwarves (BFMEII and RotWK only) Dwarv axe thrower

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