Command Points are an element of all game-modes that limits the amount of units and heroes a faction can have at a time. Every unit and every Hero, except for Summoned units and builders, causes the total Command point amount to increase once they are summoned or trained.

In The Battle for Middle-earth II, the average Command Point amount for infantry units is 60.

The Command Point Limit is a limit to the size of the player's army. Resource buildings will increase this limit when fully built, by 50, as will Heroic Statues in BFME 2, by 10. When any of these structures are destroyed, the Limit will decrease back to how it had been.

The starting Limit in Skirmishes is 200, unless the faction is based within a fortress of a Fortress-map, in which case it starts at 800.

The Command Point Factor is an adjustable value before a Skirmish begins. This increases or decreases the degree to which the Command Point Limit can be adjusted. The default Factor is 1X, and causes the max-Command-Point-Limit during the skirmish to be 1000. If this Factor is set to 4X, then the max-Limit will be 4000, and so on.

In Fortress-maps, however, the Limit for the faction that is based in the fortress itself will only reach 1000, even if the Command Point Factor was set above 1X.

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