The Citadel Guards (otherwise known as the Tower Guards) serve as the elite pikemen infantry for Gondor as well as the Men of the West army. The Tower Guards are adept at eliminating heroes and trolls. When paired with Rangers, these troops become powerhouses.

Lore Edit

Tower Guards are the Men of the West's elite anti-calvary. Only the finest Soldiers are ever promoted into their ranks. Although they are more expensive to train than Soldiers, the benefits of their superior attack and defensive prowess more than offsets the additional resources spent on them.

Battle for Middle-Earth I or II Edit


Built from: Barracks

Cost: 500

Command Points Taken: 15

Tower guards

Gondor Knight shield BFME Forces of Gondor (BFME 1 only) Gondor Knight shield BFME

AragornMen of the West (BFME 2 only) Gondor Soldier icon BFME2

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