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The Cave Troll, originating in depiction from Moria, are beasts who bear clubs in BFME 1, and who throw boulders at enemies as a heavy unit of the Goblin faction in BFME 2, in which game wild Cave Trolls can also be found at Cave Troll Lairs.


Cave Trolls can toggle between their default mode of throwing rocks and merely using their large fists. In their rock-throwing mode they are not the most effective, as most enemy siege weapons can out-range them (i.e. the Dwarves' Iron Hills catapults, or more relevantly the Mountain Giants); for functioning as a ranged siege-weapon, Mordor's Mountain Trolls are better suited. However, the other special attack of the Cave Trolls is their ability to pick up and throw nearby goblins at enemy units.

Requirements (BFME 2) Edit

Recruited from: Level 2 Fissure

Cost: 500  

Command Points taken: 35 

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