Build plots are the form of basic construction in The Battle for Middle-earth, and are the foundations of Fortress expansions in The Battle for Middle-earth II. 


Build plots of an Isengard camp in BFME 1

BFME 1Edit

Build plots are used in BFME 1 to construct buildings at the faction's encampment. They are specifically named Defensive foundations and Building foundations. The player clicks on the circle, a radial menu will appear the faction's structures, and the desired building will begin construction when selected.

BFME 2 Edit

In The Battle for Middle-earth II, Builders were introduced, and their function replaced the need for build plots. This made structures able to be built anywhere, on appropriate terrain.

Also, faction citadels in The Battle for Middle-earth became fortresses in the sequel, and each fortress has seven build-plots around the foot of its perimeter, at which the player may construct arrow tower expansions, siege-weapon expansions, wall hubs (for most factions), garrisons (such as Men of the West's Dormitory), or other special defenses like the Angmar's Dire Wolf Kennel or Mordor's Gate Watchers expansion.

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