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Boromir is a hero of the Men of the West faction, and brother to Faramir, who bears a great shield and a large sword. He is a solid hero with high armor and health, and, although wielding low damage, he is able to take on many battalions.

Requirements in BFME 2Edit

Recruited from: Men of the West Fortress

Cost: 1250

Command Points taken: 50

Health-points: 2800


  • Horn of Gondor (at level 2) - Scares nearby enemies by blowing on his famed Horn of Gondor
  • Leadership (at level 5) - Allied troops near Boromir always have 50% more Damage output and Armor, and will level up twice as quickly.
  • Captain of Gondor (at level 6) - Boromir gives selected nearby troops experience.

Behind the scenesEdit

Boromir in the games was voiced not by Sean Bean, but by Steve Blum.

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