Dwarven Axe Thrower

The Dwarven Axe Throwers are the archer-unit for the Dwarven faction, and instead of Bows, they throw axes.

As a result, they are the only ranged unit that actually deals slash-type damage instead of piercing-type damage. This means that their attacks are strong against buildings, unlike other archer-units (unless such units, such as Men of Dale, have been upgraded with fire damage). Axe Throwers are therefore faster and have a wider range than Guardians, but are still very effective at quick raids to destroy enemy mines. A Dwarf player will end up building more Axe Throwers than Guardians, which are only truly needed in the most heavy of base-assaults, directed at the enemy's fortress itself. Otherwise, their ranged slash damage means that Axe Throwers are also very effective against pikemen.

Lore Edit

The axe is the favored weapon of the Dwarves. It is heavy, sturdy, sharp and can be used as a both a tool and a weapon. In lieu of the long-range bows of human hunters, or the complex crossbow of the Uruk-hai, the Dwarves deploy Axe-Throwers—the perfect weapon while battling in close quarters such as tunnels or underground passages. Their instinctive ability to handle the heft of the hand-axe affords them excellent force and accuracy when used as short-range weapons. Dwarven tools are built to last, and after the battle, Dwarves are careful to recover every weapon they can find. There is nothing more irritating to a Dwarven combatant than seeing an abandoned hand-axe in the hands of a filthy scavenging Orc.

Dwarv axe thrower

BFME2 Edit

Requirements (BFME2) Edit

Built from: Dwarven Archery Range


Command Points Taken:

Dwarf Axe thrower concept art

Concept art of Dwarven Axethrowers

Dwarv axe thrower Dwarves (BFME 2 and RotWK only) Dwarv axe thrower