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Arwen is the daughter of Elrond and one of the heroes for the Elven Faction. She and Glorfindel are the two Elven heroes that can ride a steed as their first ability, and both of them help protect Rivendell during the northern war, as shown in BFME 2's Good Campaign.

Lore Edit

Arwen Evenstar (Undomiel), daughter of Elrond, was among Middle-earth's most beautiful creatures in the Second and Third Age. She developed her ability to heal, whether using athelas or not, from her father, and in Peter Jackson's film trilogy she aided in Frodo's recovery after he had been wounded by a Morgul blade. Like many of the Elves of Rivendell, Arwen is a remarkable rider (though not noted to be in Tolkien's original works). When Aragorn, a Man, finally took the throne of Gondor it was Arwen who wedded him and became Queen of that realm, after having long waited for him to fulfill his destiny. At their marriage, she became mortal.

Requirements Edit

Recruited from: Elven Fortress

Cost: 800

Command Points: 25

Abilities Edit

  • Mount/Dismount from horse
  • Athelas (at Level 2) - Arwen heals nearby heroes and herself
  • Flood (at Level 10) - On a selected area, Arwen summons the same horse-flood that appeared in the Fellowship of the Ring film at the Fords of Bruinen.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Arwen was voiced in the games not by Liv Tyler, but by Tatyana Yassukovich.

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