The Arrow Volley power is for every faction that was worth 10 power. It sends a circular rain of one-hit-kill arrows down on the map, where you want it to.

It does not effect Trolls, Ents, Mountain Giants, and the like, as well as Heroes.

Power cost: The 10 row is where it is located.

AragornMen of the West (BFME 2 only) Gondor Soldier icon BFME2

Dwarv axe thrower Dwarves (BFME 2 and RotWK only) Dwarv axe thrower

Elven Banner test Elves (BFME 2 and RotWK only) Elven Banner test

White Hand Banner testForces of IsengardWhite Hand Banner test

Mordor Banner test Forces of Mordor Mordor Banner test

Witch King of Angmar Forces of Angmar ThrallMaster