Arrow (or Axe) Tower expansions are structures that may be built around the Fortress of any of the nine factions, as an expansion.

For some factions, they are named something else.

Men of the West (BFME 2)


Cost: 500

The standard arrow towers for Men of the West can be upgraded with Flaming Munitions to set arrows aflame and increase damage.


Capture 3

"Watchtower Expansion"

Cost: 500

Fires powerful elven arrows upon any nearby enemies. Elves have no upgrade for their arrow towers.


Capture 5

"Axe Tower"

Cost: 600

Dwarven Axe Towers throw axes instead of shoot arrows. Can be upgraded with Masterwork Munitions to increase damage dealt.

Isengard (BFME 2)


Cost: 600

Flaming arrows will be fired from here if Orcfire Munitions are purchased for the Fortress.



"Barricade Expansion"

Cost: 600

Mordor's barricade expansion has several orc archers upon it that will fire arrows down at any enemy that approaches. The Flaming Munitions upgrade equips barricades with flaming arrows.

Goblins (BFME 2)


"Arrow Den"

Cost: 500

Health: 1000

Damage: 75 (+20 with Fire Arrows)

Arrow Den expansions build much quicker (15 secs) than Arrow-tower expansions of other the factions. The Fire Arrows upgrade equips these arrow dens with flaming arrows.

Angmar (RotWK only)


Cost: 600