Aragorn, Isildur's heir and eventual King of Gondor, is a hero for Gondor in The Battle for Middle-earth and for Men of the West in The Battle for Middle-earth II. Of all Man-heroes, Aragorn is the most mighty, wielding his great sword Narsil.

Requirements in BFME 2 Edit

Recruited from: Men of the West Fortress

Cost: 3000 (2000 in RotWK)

Command Points taken: 50


  • Athelas - Aragorn heals all nearby heroes, and himself.
  • Blademaster (at Level 2) - Aragorn's strength and armor double temporarily.
  • Leadership (at Level 4) - Allies near Aragorn have an increase in damage, armor, and leveling up.
  • Elendil (at Level 6) - Causes enemy units to run from him.
  • Oathbreaker (at Level 10) - Aragorn summons a fraction of the Army of the Dead, for a limited time.


Aragon is extremely powerful and can level up other Heroes quickly. Once he activates Blademaster, he's near unstoppable. His Elendil ability can demoralize the army in the heat of battle, and Athelas can make other heroes go on for ages. In the end game when he is at maximum level and gains the Oathbreaker ability he can summon a small Army of the Dead and can destroy enemy Hero's and cities with ease.


As powerful as he is, Aragon is fairly expensive compared to the other heroes and cannot use a bow, nor can he ride a horse, compromising both his speed and range. Oathbreaker takes a while to obtain. His Athelas can only heal heroes. In BFME 1, Aragorn dealt less damage and had less health than Boromir, making him an average hero in respects to damage dealt and ability to take damage. Aragorn takes some time to truly come into his own, meaning he is unable to make a unique impression until later stages of the Skirmish or Campaign game.

Behind the scenes Edit

Aragorn was voiced in the games not by Viggo Mortensen, who originally acted him, but by Chris Edgerly.

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